SINCLAIR MANAGEMENT is located in New York City’s West Village, where it was started by Judy Lesley in the late 80s. Sinclair arranges auditions and interviews with the best talent agents and casting directors on both coasts. The client list is highly selective. Judy guides her clients in all areas of “the business” regarding pictures, resumes, looks, and the trajectory of careers. Working closely with attorneys, publicists, and agents, Sinclair cultivates collaborative relationships.

Judy graduated from Cornell University and worked in NYC as a social worker and teacher.  She then worked as a singer and actor in stock, tours, and cruise ships…even opening for the likes of the Smothers Brothers. Through this, she discovered her passion for finding, developing, and helping actors… guiding them to SUCCESS.

The kind of personal relationship Judy has with each of her clients could only be found in a company with a highly selective, exclusive client list. Judy helps each artist find what is most special about them and then guides them to fulfill that potential.